Sunday, 30 April 2017

Schedule your time

Schedule your time

Nature gives twenty four hours to everyone; neither more nor less to anyone. Time is the scarcest resource. It is at once the most valuable and the most perishable of all our possessions. Those who make the worse use of it always complain of its shortage. Enough time is there for the people who know the art of proper utilization and management of it. Not lack of time but lack of direction is the real problem. Optimum utilization of time alone can take to great heights. Ordinary people spend time but great people use it.
The great craft of time management his in systematic time planning. If you fail to man, you plan to fail. Devote most of your time to the most important things in life. Invest this capital in the wisest way.
There should be a daily plan and a long term plan. Make a to-do-list for every day. Note it in a diary or a calendar or program it in your mobile or computer. Always see that your daily plan leads you nearer to your long term goal. There should be a time limit for achieving your target. It will always remind you of the value of fleeting time. Try to do your work with full devotion and honesty within the time frame. Success is the result of the maximum utilization of time. Unexpected problems may crop up but you have to be ready to face them.
There is a biological clock in your body. You have to find out your own biological time when your potential is at its peak. Make the most productive and creative use of that hour.

Learn to say a strong no to those activities which waste your precious time. You cannot recycle wasted time. Lost time is never found again. Saving time is also a sound technique of time management. It enhances your productivity. There is no wrong time to do a right thing. So, just short doing it now. Go the extra mile before your time runs out.

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