Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Cherish the Blessed Moments of Life!!

Big pleasures are very few and far between. But we always wait for those big moments and miss the little joys. Life is made up of small moments of joy and beauty. “We must learn to appreciate the beauty and joys of simple, everyday moments and objects”, said Robert Frost. Appreciation of beauty and enjoyment of life is an art which has to be learnt. Very few people in this world know this art. So, life is filled with sadness, boredom, stress and tension. How many times can you go to watch the splendid spectacle of sunrise from the Tiger Hill in Darjeeling? How many times can you observe the beauty of the setting sun standing on a sea-shore? But every morning, from your roof top or balcony, you can enjoy the radiant sun splashing crimson color on the blue canvas. Every evening, you can enjoy the reddish face of the sun hiding itself in the dark clouds like a bashful bride. Every day, nature, like an adroit painter, paints beautiful pictures for our delight. But most of the people are blind to this bountiful treasure of nature. Beauty is scattered everywhere on this lovely planet of ours. Only we have to develop an aesthetic sense to appreciate and enjoy it.

Besides nature, you can find immense pleasure in small things of your day-to-day life. Just see the pride on the face of your parents when you touch their feet and they raise their hands in blessings. Just feel the spark in the eyes of your wife when you give her a surprise gift. Just enjoy the playful smile on the lips of your innocent kids when they play a prank. A kind gesture, a helping hand, a warm handshake, a thankful smile – all these blessed moments have to be treasured in the album of your memory. You cannot buy these memorable moments even with your big bank balance. Like a child, paste the pictures of beauty and joy in your mind’s scrap book. Whenever you turn these pages in your leisure hours, you will be transported into a fairy land of beauty and bliss.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Hear Your Heart’s Call

 There are very few fortunate people who get married to their passion and make it their profession. Generally, you do whatever life offers you. Your passion was music. You became a banker. Now counting of currency notes of others will not give you the pleasure that you might have got from pressing the keys of the piano. You become unhappy. And an unhappy man always radiates unhappiness around him. So, hear your heart’s call. What you think about yourself is far more important than what others think about you.
There is a great load of others expectations and your own ambitions on you. You are overburdened by a heavy weight of shattered dreams and unfulfilled desires. There are so many broken pieces of relationships and sharp splinters of anger, hatred, jealousy etc. which pierce your heart. Don’t make your mind a garbage pit or a dustbin. You have to fight a ceaseless battle against the deadly foes of fear, doubt, despair and worry every day. If you leave your mind vacant like an old house for long, the spiders of negativity will start weaving ugly cobwebs. To have a great life, break the bars of the cage and allow the parrot of positivity to fly high in the sky. The great law is that negativity breeds negativity and positivity breeds positivity. So, the main thing is the right mind-set and correct perspective.
Everybody has different demands from life. Delve deep inside and try to find your passion. Try to analyze what you want from life. Try to understand whether it is wealth or recognition, power or peace, health or happiness. You have to decide and you have to find the way to achieve it. Be decisive and get on the winning path in the journey of life. Even if you fail in your attempt, you will have no regret. You will have the satisfaction of an honest trial. And a sincere and persistent effort never goes in vain. When you strive to achieve, the world around you is charged with positive energy and vibration. So, chase your dream passionately. Success never comes to you. You have to go to it.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Stir the Columbus in You!!

Problems may be big but solutions can often be very simple. A single dose can cure a dreadful disease. What is needed is the right effort in the right direction. No technology can take the place of keen observation and logical analysis. New problems cannot be solved by old knowledge and stale experiences. Close observation and minute analysis of micro details often lead to new insights and radical remedies. 

Life is not a straight, simple and smooth corridor where you can move without bends and twists. It is full of ups and downs. It is like an intricate and confusing maze where everyone has to find his own way. Sometimes, we take a wrong path. Sometimes, we are in doubt and dilemma at the cross roads. But whenever one door closes, another opens and it may be much better than what we had imagined or dreamed for us. Be open and ready to change according to the changing times. Generally we don’t want to change because we are afraid of change. We like the security of status-quo. But getting success is one thing and retaining it for a long time is another thing. Mostly we lay down our tools and become lazy, complacent and comfort-loving. Our confidence changes into pride and we take it for granted. But success slips out of our hand like water. When change takes place, we are found completely unprepared to face it. We are caught unawares. Life gives fore-warnings but we do not pay heed to them. Instead of being up and doing, we uselessly brood, fume and fret over the situation. We wait for things to improve. We do not want to take the risk of new adventure. Journey to the unknown is always dangerous but thrilling too. Once we conquer our fear, we feel more freedom, flexibility and youthfulness. New thinking and new enthusiasm give us a new perspective to mold our life and adjust ourselves to the changing world. Those, who do not adapt, are wiped out in the struggle for existence. 

Failures should not frighten us. A setback can result into a comeback. Failures are eye openers. They awaken our hidden potentials and make us stronger. Stand up smartly even after
being knocked down. Life salutes those who take risk, fall down, get up and start running. There is a Columbus inside us who is always eager to discover a new world.