Sunday, 9 October 2016

Stir the Columbus in You!!

Problems may be big but solutions can often be very simple. A single dose can cure a dreadful disease. What is needed is the right effort in the right direction. No technology can take the place of keen observation and logical analysis. New problems cannot be solved by old knowledge and stale experiences. Close observation and minute analysis of micro details often lead to new insights and radical remedies. 

Life is not a straight, simple and smooth corridor where you can move without bends and twists. It is full of ups and downs. It is like an intricate and confusing maze where everyone has to find his own way. Sometimes, we take a wrong path. Sometimes, we are in doubt and dilemma at the cross roads. But whenever one door closes, another opens and it may be much better than what we had imagined or dreamed for us. Be open and ready to change according to the changing times. Generally we don’t want to change because we are afraid of change. We like the security of status-quo. But getting success is one thing and retaining it for a long time is another thing. Mostly we lay down our tools and become lazy, complacent and comfort-loving. Our confidence changes into pride and we take it for granted. But success slips out of our hand like water. When change takes place, we are found completely unprepared to face it. We are caught unawares. Life gives fore-warnings but we do not pay heed to them. Instead of being up and doing, we uselessly brood, fume and fret over the situation. We wait for things to improve. We do not want to take the risk of new adventure. Journey to the unknown is always dangerous but thrilling too. Once we conquer our fear, we feel more freedom, flexibility and youthfulness. New thinking and new enthusiasm give us a new perspective to mold our life and adjust ourselves to the changing world. Those, who do not adapt, are wiped out in the struggle for existence. 

Failures should not frighten us. A setback can result into a comeback. Failures are eye openers. They awaken our hidden potentials and make us stronger. Stand up smartly even after
being knocked down. Life salutes those who take risk, fall down, get up and start running. There is a Columbus inside us who is always eager to discover a new world.


  1. Nice article Sir and thanks for another article.

  2. Nice article Sir and thanks for another article.

  3. Excellent motivational writing..Bhaiyya

  4. Thanks. You are a good reader and a powerful writer.