Monday, 26 September 2016

Relationship is Hot

The modern generation is not a ‘We-generation’. It is a ‘Me-generation’. I -me – mine has become the new value of individualistic, utilitarian & self-centered society. The youth of today is friendly with computers, laptops & mobile phones but he is very uncomfortable with people. We are electronically connected but emotionally disconnected. In parties & social gatherings, you will find that the young & adolescent people are not interacting with each other. Sitting in the corner, they are busy with the cell phones, playing games or chatting or surfing the net. Even in long distance trains, you will find that the new generation prefers the upper berth & remains isolated & cut off from the whole compartment. Instead of the human company, they love their own world of electronic gadgets. They have forgotten the importance of human relationship in life.

There is so much suffering in the world because we have lost the value of human touch. Loneliness, isolation, disappointment & depression are alarmingly increasing in our society. The worst sufferers are the children & the old people. Working couples have no time for children & their aged parents. Crutches and old age homes cannot provide that emotional support & security. Looking after professionally & looking after with love & care are two different things. We are not heartless machines or unfeeling robots. We have to exist in this web of human relationship that is called society. Relationship is a rope with which we can tie the whole universe in a loving bond.

Building relationship is like building bridges which can unite two separate islands together. We have conquered the distance between two countries. Now we have to conquer the distance between two hearts. In young age, we don’t realize the importance of human relationship but in advance age, it matters most. In the winter of life, relationship is like a blanket which gives us warmth & comfort. You come in this world alone & you go out of the world alone. In between, make some fulfilling relationships, develop some everlasting intimate bonds. Allow birds to build their nests in your lonely heart & fill it with their twitter!!