Friday, 14 April 2017

Different Levels of Mind

Different Levels of Mind

Weak minds are interested in gossips. Goodness is rarely discussed. Critising, condemning, back-biting and mud-slinging are the favourite pastime of feeble-minded persons. Personality-dissection and character assassination are relished by the rumour-mongers. Spicy stories and concocted tales about friends, relatives and neighbours are circulated and enjoyed. Recently, a new phenomenon of chatting on social media has become the latest craze. Photos, recipes jokes etc. are shared and like and dislike comments are counted. Your good deeds can be forgotten but the scandalous and frivolous stories are not erased from the public memory. The skeletons of bad name and evil reputation often come out of the cupboard.
Events, incidences and occurrences are the subject matter of the talk of the average people. Every day, newspapers supply such information and material in plenty. Mediocre people gulp down those stories of day-to-day happenings with their morning tea and masquerade all day long as pseudo-intellectuals among their friends and colleagues. Media, both electronic and print, have also degenerated into yellow journalism. They present a distorted picture of reality and do not bring out the inner truth behind any event or action.

There are a few strong minds and superior intellects who discuss ideas and concepts. Ideas rule the world. Thoughts live long and travel far and wide. Men of reason try to discover and deduce the principles and philosophies underlying any event or action. Formulas are more important than examples. Application of knowledge is not possible without knowing the fundamental rule. Such creative thoughts and expressions give something new to the world. Those towering personalities are like light-houses which show the right path to the misdirected ships in the vast ocean.

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