Saturday, 1 April 2017

Craving for Importance

Craving for Importance

The desire to be important is the natural urge of a human being. Everyone wants to be important in his own little world. After the gratification of your biological wants, you need the feeling of importance. You wear expensive dresses, buy latest mobile phones and purchase luxury cars. You build houses bigger than your requirement and furnish it tastefully. Children want the exclusive attention of their parents. Parents also feel proud in showing off the intelligence of their sons and daughters. Wives like to be appreciated for their cooking skill and good house-keeping. In this male-dominated society of ours, husbands have taken the position of parmeshwar (God) to feel exalted. They even beat their wives or ill-treat their in-laws to show their supremacy. You love to give English names to your pets. Moti has become Monty and Sheru is now Caesar. In jobs and work-place also, you crave for importance and attention of your boss and seniors. You may have read a story in your school text book which narrates that a boy meets an accident in order to get his name and photograph published in the newspaper. All these are disguised attempts to give you the feeling of self-importance. Cut-throat competition, jealousy, malice and criticism- all these are also endeavours to make you more important than others.

There is nothing wrong in it if it is taken in the right spirit. The craving for importance can be a positive motivation. If you improve your work performance or accelerate your productivity, you will get the appreciation and admiration of everyone. And praise is the most precious and prized possession which even saints can rarely deny.

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