Sunday, 19 February 2017

Be a Fan of Yourself

Be a Fan of Yourself

            Like others but love yourself. It gives an impetus to improve. Instead of seeing one’s face and finding faults in others, people should find their faults and see the beauty of others. All time is a great time for a new beginning. In the journey of self-discovery, you have to shed your masks and identify your true self. Figure out your limitations and weaknesses. Re-invent and re-define yourself. Small modifications everyday can bring big changes in life. It is very easy to click a selfie but it is very difficult to create a long lasting image. It takes years to build a reputation but it can be tarnished or ruined in a few minutes. Reputation is like a glass house which can easily be broken by a throw of stone. Even if it cracks, it gives an ugly look.

            Be a diehard fan of yourself. Go on improving your personality and refurbishing your image. Change not only from outside but also from inside. Keep spiky hair. But, at the same time, make your brain sharp, pointed and witty. If your body is six packs, your mind should be eight packs and heart not less than ten packs. Follow fashion freely but don’t compromise with your culture, tradition value and character. Enjoy the delicious pizzas of Dominos but don’t forget the taste of your mother’s hand. The worth and flavour of Mac Donald’s burger lies in its rich stuffing. Internal material is always much more important than external appearance. A book is judged not by its cover but by its contents. Poor quality is never the hall mark of big brands. You can also become a mini-brand if you don’t compromise with quality and standard. Mediocrity should be unacceptable to you. An awesome life is awaiting you. Just stake your claim.

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